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Research Presentations and Poster Session Abstracts: Research Track (Facts, Figures & Future)

The ATA2021 Annual Conference & Expo will showcase best practices and practical applications of virtual care technologies, as well as forward-thinking ideas, innovative approaches to solving healthcare challenges, and inspiring speakers. The ATA2021 Research Track will feature Scientific Presentations and Poster Sessions on topics within the telehealth, digital and connected health spaces. This dedicated program track will focus on the data, evidence, and case studies driving innovation and building the foundation that will reshape the practice of healthcare. Submissions from clinicians, researchers, and innovators who are moving ideas to implementation are welcome.

All submissions should fit within the ATA2021 theme Telehealth: Enabling Flexible, Inclusive and Contemporary Care Delivery. Programming will build upon the lessons learned, identify the challenges and opportunities of today’s new realities, and convene the individuals, organizations, and decision-makers to cement the gains made to establish telehealth as a care modality in a modernized healthcare system.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Access to Care, Cost Analyses, Patient Experience, Clinician Experience, Clinical Effectiveness, Clinical Outcomes, Quality Improvement, Regulatory & Policy Research, Information Technology, and Measurement Frameworks & Tools.

ATA2021 Content Pillars

The COVID-19 public health emergency has proven that the future of care must include a hybrid system of in-person and virtual care that puts the patient first and delivers a quality experience to individual wherever and whenever they need it. We have seen how emerging technologies – from remote monitoring and asynchronous interactions to artificial intelligence and chat bots – can change the course of healthcare. We have been humbled, we have been resilient and resourceful, and we have learned how to effectively deliver quality care to more people, achieving better results and greater satisfaction. There’s no turning back.

  • The New Modality – Implementing telehealth, best practices, nuts and bolts; lessons learned in COVID; telehealth education, curriculum and special skills; international perspectives; digital transformation; the future of telehealth and using telehealth as a modality across service lines; the role of nurses and allied health professionals; healthy aging
  • For Every Population – Consumerization of healthcare and reimagining the patient experience; diversity, disparities and inequities in healthcare, underserved populations, social determinants – how telehealth can bridge the gaps; virtual medical practices, digital first; digital therapeutics; asynchronous tools
  • Quality, Safe, Convenient Care – Improving health and wellness; behavioral health, pediatrics and other areas of specialty care; remote monitoring; preventative and primary care
  • Cementing the Gains – Policy & Regulatory initiatives (state & federal); business models; investing in telehealth; reimbursement and value-based care; licensing landscape
  • Doing More Good for More People – AI and new technologies; improving productivity; chatbots; telehealth’s role in pre-screening and triaging patients; new and emerging applications for telehealth; security, privacy, and cybersecurity; interoperability and data flow
  • Facts, Figures, and the Future – Research and data drivers; understanding the impact of telehealth during and after the public health emergency; digital clinical trials

Abstracts should not be commercial in nature. Any abstract that appears to be promoting a company, product or service will not be considered.

Deadline for all submissions is February 26, 2021, 11:59PM ET. Please note: there will be no extensions to this deadline.